Sexy girls with tattoos have never been more popular.

Forget the stigma. Just enjoy the absolute hotness!

These are our top 10 pics of sexy inked girls from Instagram, courtesy of




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1. Minimalistic, blonde, stunning.

Somehow we want more.

2. Roses, hearts. The tattoo’s are endless on this stunning blue eyed girl.

3. The face of an angel

With the Ink of a professional.

The 3 Week Diet

4. Piercing eyes

And a tattooed body that tells a deep personal story…

5. Innocence personified.

Until you start looking at the ink.



6. The pose of confidence

And a big thumbs up for the tattoo artist!

7. Sensual. Sexy. Everything you want in a girl with ink…

8. Simply marvelous…

9. We just love this pic. The girl. The artwork. The pose…

10. Last but surely not the least. This tattooed beauty can meet your parents.