It is pitch dark.

The flashlight app on your phone just died. The new Samsung S7 can only last so long.(Under normal circumstances…what a phone!)

Outside, you hear a few screams.


You look around nervously, trying to adjust your eyes to the darkness. At least you are seeing some shadowy silhouettes.

Another shot echoes from somewhere, splitting the eerie quietness.

Was it a gun shot? Who will be shooting? The power and water has only been off for 24 hours after the quake.

Maybe it was the McKay kids playing with fireworks again?

You nod. Convincing yourself that the brats two houses to the left was responsible.

But the room is still pitch dark. You would be able to sleep, but the thirst has made your tongue a dollar shy from a nano-desert.

More screams.

Another shot.

Now you know, it is not the McKay kids.

You spend four hours keeping watch. Feeling your heart pound at every sound.

The thirst is killing you.

Your eyes get droopy.

Before you pass out you remember the last piece of content you read on your phone:

Another 48 hours before the grid and water supply is restored.

If only your were prepared to wait out three days….


You do not have to be a mad man to be prepared…


And don’t get me wrong with that statement.

There is nothing “mad” about prepping. But let us wear the honest hat for a second. Some “Doomsday Prepper”   contestants did add a madmen tag to honest prepping.

That said, no matter what level of prepper you are, or whether you believe the introduction scenario was over the top, every person on this planet should have some sort of an emergency backup.

You owe it to yourself and your family.


Do not find yourself unprepared…


Especially if you can do it within a very small budget and with a good dose of common sense.

And yes, it does not entail an underground bunker to hide from the Illuminati or a pending terrorist attack.

Simply, you need to have the right stuff in your home to survive, even if it is only for a few days.

Buy yourself some time to sit the emergency out or to plan ahead.

We are all smart people right?

And yes we all KNOW this basic survival stuff. It is entrenched in our DNA. Yet – and it is so sad to say – most of us do not have the basics to survive even 48 hours….

Best of all, there are literally three essential things you need to survive any situation.

Yep, you can call yourself a prepper – whether you muffle the word silently to yourself or blabber it out in a tweet – by only planning and storing three life saving things.


I know few of you are rolling your eyes right now….and just give me a few seconds to explain.

I am not stupid.

And no, I don’t think you are stupid either.

However, the one thing we cannot live without, we leave in the hands of governments to provide. Facts are very few people ever consider a situation where there is no water.

Luckily, you only need a little bit of prepping to be covered.

You need containers.

You need to fill them with water.

And you need to keep that water fresh.

First things first. The science is simple. You need about a gallon of water per person per day for drinking and cooking. Then you need about the same for cleaning and flushing the toilet.

Depending on your storage space, ensure you have enough for at least 72 hours. More is better if you can.

Most, non-Armageddon – emergencies will be cleared within the above time frame.

So approx two gallons per person per day? Then buy gallon jugs or if you can afford to get yourself jerry cans.

Another helpful hint is to bottle water and store it in your sock drawer or even in the toilet flushing bowl.

It is very important to keep the water fresh. So, make a list of all your stored water and set reminders to refill every few weeks.


It is general knowledge you can survive longer without food than water.

That said, apart from eventually having to eat, nothing smashes your moral down than going without food.

It is painful.

It is bad.

Hearing your tummy growl simply ain’t fun.

So, buy and store some easy to prepare foods. Those you do not need heat to prepare.

These include:

Oats – yeah not to everyone’s likings, but filled with nutrients and calories. Also it can be eaten without a heating system. Just add water. Simply put Oats might be the perfect survival food around.

Canned foods – get those with a pull of lid. Aim for protein sources like Tuna, Corned meat and beans.

Meal replacement Shakes – more expensive but last for a long time. If the emergency situation escalates and you need to leave your home, it becomes a light food source to carry with you.

If you have an alternative method of cooking, then get yourself buttermilk pancake’s. Yes, we said pancakes. Lost of food servings for a very small price. Again you just need to add water.

Aim for at least two oats and two canned food meals per day, with one meal replacement shake per person per day. Dam that was a long sentences.

But you are smart and I bet you understand.

Let there be light and batteries.

 In the opening sentences I painted a literal dark picture. Light is essential for security. It is essential for sanity. It is freaking essential man….

And with light comes batteries.

Sun powered cell phone chargers, extra batteries, LED lights. Normal freaking flashlights. Candles and matches. Buy and store what YOU can afford.

Again, aim, for at least one battery sourced light source per person.


There you have it.


You can become a prepper without the tag and keep your family safe.

If you are interested in more advanced prepping then check this out.


Below is a useful video.