Are you unhappy with your current job? Maybe you are just going through a difficult patch. Then again, maybe it is time to rekindle your passion and find something you love. Below are three sure tell signs that it is time to change your job.


You struggle to wake up.

By the tenth time you pressed the snooze button, you must know something is up. Especially if you did not have a late night. Something is keeping you in bed and it is not a hot Scandinavian (male or female).


You constantly Procrastinate.

There is nothing wrong with a bit of procrastination. However, chronic procrastination is a tell sign that you have lost the passion for your day job.


Mysterious Illness

We have all phone our boss with the good old stomach bug lie. Doing it every now and then, might not be ethical. Running out of ideas and keeping calendar notes on your last attempt is a serious sign that you need to change your vocation.

So, the bottom line…

If you find any of the above triggers in your life, then wake up. Start looking for something else.

Now, this might be a whole other can of proverbial worms, but it is possible to start a brand new fresh life.