Let’s start…the process on how to write a non-fiction book in eight hours or less!


We all want a way to legally print money.


I know one way.

And that is through content creation and publishing.

But not any old content creation and publishing…nope we are talking high quality non-fiction books. The type that change lives for ever.

And this long post is just about that.

How to quickly create high value content and publish it for profit.

Hang on to your proverbial hats….well maybe cellphone screens!

But first…

I want you to have the opportunity to learn quickly and to implement it all as quickly as you possibly can. We live in a time where in order for you to succeed you need to be able to write and produce content at lightning speed.

I will say it again.

You need to produce and write content faster if you want to succeed with non-fiction writing.

The reason for this is simple. See, they say that from the dawn of man up until 2003, we are now duplicating everything written in that time every 48 hours.

Listen carefully…

Since man was able to write and record until 2003…

That is a lot of information.

A lot of words.

And we are creating that amount of content every 48 hours…

Does that sound scary or does that sound like an opportunity?

Truth be told it is a bit of both.

On the one and it is scary because there is every opportunity that your content will just fall into the abyss of cyberspace. Invisible. With no one to read it.

However, the opportunity is also clearly there that if we duplicate that much content in a time span of 48 hours it means that the market is almost consuming more content than what we are able to create…

See, the game is all about content and fast content creation. The guys that are unable to provide content the quickest will be the success stories.

For that reason, I have decided to write this special report. It reads quickly, is hopefully full of value and will teach you some techniques that will assist you in writing highly informative books, reports and white papers.  I’m not going to beat around the bush and if you want fluff and a lot of words then you are not at the right place.

Also, if you prefer to slog it out traditionally, or if you have your own system, then rather give this a pass.

In short, I am here to show you three ways you can quickly use and implement to provide high quality content and value in the shortest time possible. Yes, even in as little as 8 hours…

…or less.

With the biggest upside of all…you will earn massive passive income from it.

You can duplicate the system as quickly as you want to.

It is all up to you how fast you want to produce.

Still working full-time? No sweat, this will work for you regardless of the pocket of time you have available.

So let’s get started shall we?



Method 1: Rewriting PLR, Web Content and Public Domain Content


If you are familiar with these terms, then skip the next paragraph…

PLR stand for Private Labeled Rights: It means that you purchase the content and can then distribute it freely, sell it as is, bundle it with other works, all under your author name.

Web-Content: Refers to any website article or blog.

Public Domain: All published content becomes public domain once the author is dead for 70 years.

Before we continue I want to make one thing clear. We will discuss it further as well, but it is crucial that you understand this fact.

We don’t upload PLR/Web-Content/Public Domain work without rewriting it in our own words. Period.

Also know, rewriting PLR, websites information and public domain work is not plagiarism.

You cannot be prosecuted if you rewrite something in your own words and adding your own ideas thoughts and opinion to it.

All written content is an idea. You cannot plagiarize an idea. Plagiarism is publishing another person’s effort word for word.

Granted, PLR books in essence provide you the right to publish it as is, and that is fine if you want to give it away for Free, but you will not be allowed to publish it on retail stores like Amazon ect.

What I’m proposing is a process for you to write quality books in your own words using existing content as your reference point.

So if you’re still with me I want to make it perfectly clear once more rewriting PLR books or a website article, or a public domain work is not plagiarism. It is a method of getting an outline in no time and then producing unique quality content.

Finding high quality PLR work can be a pain in the proverbial butt.

Unfortunately with great opportunity comes the scammers. Trying to sell you low quality stuff, so useless you won’t be able to even rewrite it.

There are some reputable PLR sites like:



where you can find PLR books on virtually any topic.

One problem is that you have to pay for each book. Or you will have to pay a membership fee. This all can add up. So, if you want more than 200 high quality PLR books with full resell rights for a once off investment…


This is the best quality and you will provide you countless ideas and niches to explore and make money on.

Hold on…Shouldn’t I be doing research before I write my book.

If you follow conventional wisdom, then yes. Do your research. But honestly, I am not conventional. I love the freedom of just going for it and I don’t do vast amounts of research.

I plunge in.

I let my book do the research for me.

Let me explain.

I find a topic of interest, something I can add my opinions on, or something I need to do some content research on to add value. Please note the research referred to in this instance is content research, in other words adding to the rewrite. Then once finished, I find a tittle and upload the book.

Sales will dictate if I found the right niche. If I did, I create more content. If I missed, I move on to another topic.

Listen, if you want to do keyword research and niche research be my guest.

I am all about getting the product out there.

And since we are producing content in less than 8 hours, from write to publish, I am comfortable for my book to be the research animal…

Okay, let’s get to the writing part of things. For a PLR, web-content or public domain rewrite, you would read through it a few times just to establish the theme and outline in your mind.  You will make notes and see where you can add some of your own thoughts and opinions.

Next you would literally write each paragraph over in your own words. Bad paragraphs you will delete. Trust me, it is not as daunting as it sounds.

In essence you use the PLR/Public domain structure and words as a glorified outline and first draft. Small parts of it you can obviously use as is if there is a good sentence here and there, but for the most part of it you would rewrite the entire thing.

Yes, there is work involved.

Yes, you want to create a unique book.

No, you don’t want to spend moths doing it.

One tip I use, in Microsoft Word, is to write the new paragraph in another color directly below the original paragraph. This enables me to ensure quality and ensure I am rewriting everything in my own unique style and words.

Public domain, allows to create what is called a derivative work. So, you can use large chunks as is and then add your own take to it. An example would be to take a popular public domain book like Think and grow Rich from Napoleon Hill and then add your derivative take on it. For example, think and grow reach for children, think and grow rich for the elderly, or maybe even think and grow rich for cooks! No matter what you want to write about, you can use a public domain book and create your own derivative work from it.

With websites what you can do is, you identify a topic and find five articles on the topic. This can be good quality blogs or articles.

Simply rewrite in your own words and create awesome value.



Method 2: Create books in lightning speed with speech to text software


Another way of writing very quickly is with text-to-speech software.

Evidently you didn’t know this but the first draft off the report that you are reading right now was done through text to speech software!

Personally I use Dragon Natural speak.

Click Here to get yourself a copy.

Please note there are Free or cheaper options as well. Windows normally has their own software.

Personally none of the Free options has given me the success that Dragon Natural Speak has done. I will leave the decision on what tool to use in your capable hands.

With physical writing you can average about 1000 words per hour which is already at the top bar of efficiency.  Maybe you are more competent than me and can type faster than I do. But while speaking you can literally “write” 2000 words in five to ten minutes.

It does take some time getting used to the software.

So I would always advice, create yourself a proper outline. I would aim for about 10 chapters, then speak roughly about 1000 words per chapter.

Once you become proficient with this, you can create a 10 000 word non-fiction in about two hours. Add another two hours for a proofread and edit and you can have a book before the sun set!

It is perfect for all types of writing. Small reports, blogs, articles, larger projects.

You can even try your hand at fiction.

Fact is you will produce content quicker than ever.

Method 3: Produce faster content with Ghost Writers


The last way that you can write and/or produce quantity quickly is through the use of ghost writers.

I’m going to let you know little secret, most of my success in producing high-quality content quickly was through the use of Ghost Writers. In fact, it literally bumped my sales into another level.

I have almost 200 books in various genres and niches on Amazon.com alone through Kindle Direct Publishing. Of those 200 books about 20% was written by me. The rest is all under various pen names, making me massive passive income.

Just a word of caution at this stage when you consider teaming up with a Ghost Writer. A few years ago it was easy to find a quality ghost writer and have them write you a book and then you pay for all the rights, slap on a cover and bam you are making money.

However, the game has changed a little bit. We have seen numerous complaints by Amazon.com shutting down publishing accounts for breaching terms and saying that the publisher has plagiarized or published copyrighted material.

See, what happens with some ghostwriters are the following: some of these ghostwriters would sell the same work to different prospects. They make their money once you pay them and then Amazon determines that a few publishers are selling the same content.

This might get your account banned.

In order to protect yourself from this practice, you would need to make sure that you design and create a high value and good quality outline.  An outline unique to your project. Make sure that you have all the paperwork in order and ensure the ghost writer has signed a non-disclosure document which stipulates that they may not use the material again, not for commercial or advertising purposes. Please keep copies of that paperwork with date stamps.

Your outline is in essence your backup and safety net. An outline is unique. They won’t be able to find existing works to plagiarize and copy or when the attempt to sell the same story, then you have the paperwork to proof you are the original owner.

Now, this is the small dent in the ghost writing business…

The upside is that you can literally produce an abundance of content through the leverage of ghostwriters. Multiple projects can be managed simultaneously with both fiction and non-fiction markets. There’s been times when I have literally managed six ghost writers at a time. Once finished, you can do your edits and upload the work.

Yes, it does cost some investment money.

And if you don’t have any, then start by writing your own stuff. Get immediately started by rewriting PLR books Get 200+ quality books here for a fraction of a Ghost Writer gig.

Then once you start making money, start to re-invest the money in to proper Ghost Writing gigs.

You can find quality Ghost Writers at:



Also this is a totally non-affiliated link, but if you want a comprehensive course in starting a publishing business, including how to use ghost writers then click here. These guys don’t ask a lot of money for the course and trust me it is worth every cent of the investment.

Method 4: The Ninja Master Way…


Now, I’m going to let you in to another secret.

All three these methods you can use simultaneously in order to produce high quality content at breakneck speeds. I want you to listen carefully guys this is a ninja tactic and one that I use effectively every single day when I produce new content.

Now how do you do that?

First off you go and do your research with PLR books, with web-content and or public domain market.

So once you’ve established a topic, then you decide to write yourself a proper outline. Now honestly an outline like this, should not take you more than 20 to 30 minutes to write especially if you already know what the content is going to be about. That is why you do that little bit of research and beginning.

Once you have completed the outline, you will then take your speech to text software like Dragon natural speak and you would dictate the whole book. In other words, you are writing your first draft.

Again I have said it before, speaking your book, you can do 2000 words in ten minutes.

Now, once you have your first draft you head over to on to a freelancer.com or Elance.com, and find yourself a ghost writer. But this time you are going to search for a ghost writer with a difference. You are not going to commission them to write you content from scratch. In your job description you are going to clearly specify that your ghost writer is going to rewrite an existing draft into a better product.

Normally this practice will not cost you the same as if you would also somebody to totally rewrite totally write a book from scratch for you. In fact, it should cos a lot less, so this method is extremely budget conscious.

In other words, they are just polishing your first draw for you.

Please take note that a proper good quality ghost writer should not take more than a couple of days to complete this job.

Once you’ve received your work back, you going to edit and polish it once more.  Next you going to upload your book and you going to see the money rushing in from the market place. At least hopefully so.

I promise you guys nobody teaches this method. And this is something that you can do and learn quickly and something that you could implement even quicker in order for you to create great quality content that is sellable on the marketplace and that will earn you massive passive income over the long run.

I hope that this special report was informative to you.

I hope that you have found the value I promised in the beginning.

I also hope that the three methods are something that you can use to create quality content.

Please go check out the special that we have on 100% resell usable rights. These PLR books is sold at a fraction of the cost that you will have to buy separately.

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Thank you for listening, happy writing and I hope to see your work right there next to mine soon!


Pieter Becker

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