Author: theowl

How listing your business on an app can boost your sales dramatically

Below are the three main things we have learned in the process and why your business has to be listed on our next app.    Mobile is the forefront of marketing.   What are you spending your advertising on? Small classified ads? The yellow pages? Buying leads? Your website? Sending out SMS? Or are you only working on referrals?   All of these marketing methods can get you leads and new business. Unfortunately, they are far from being effective, especially in the modern world.   See, people no longer look up.  They miss the billboard next to the road,...

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3 Ways to make more money with self-publishing

The past few months many authors voiced that the Kindle Gold Rush is over. Granted, the days of writing a book, slapping on a cover, typing 7 keywords and seeing sales roll in, are to an extent over. And yes, the space has become a lot more congestive. Add to it the so called Kindle Unlimited Payouts of about $0.06 per page and the golden years of kindle publishing seems a long way off. I for one am an eternal optimist. There is always opportunities and we need to start thinking differently about publishing. Apart from the normal monthly...

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