You are about to have sleepless nights

Can you remember the white house exploding in the Movie Independence day?



A glorious explosion.

The end of the Western World at the hands of aliens.

Well, if that image struck your patriotic core then the next segment will give you sleepless nights….

Recently, WikiLeaks and Anonymous dumped various emails of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the DNC for the world to see. Granted very little of these were covered by the mainstream media. Yet the information dump did provide some interesting reading.

Anonymous were responsible for the biggest bombshell and provided a document explaining a Fake Staged Alien invasion on November 8th.

I know it sounds beyond loony, but hang on for a while, all will be explained.

The document in question is from the Beneson Strategy group. In a nutshell, this report is full of stats on the coming presidential election. Most notably is the stats pertaining information on what will make people not vote.

Now, it ranges from Staged Civil Unrest, to natural disasters, which in all honesty is not that far fetched or incomprehensible.

However, the report becomes interesting when it hits the the Firesighn Scenario.

The fire what?

Yes the Firesign scenario.

It is a complex laser that can produce perfect 3d and augmented reality, real images a 100km from the earth.

Someone screaming Science Fiction at the back?


Good shout, but three facts make Project Firesign deeply scarry…

1. It was developed my NASA

2. The aim is to attack the frontal lobe of the human brain and simulate a euphoric religious experience.

3. It will simulate a real Alien attack.

To make matters worse, there are serious science behind this (please check out the report), but how is the Democratic Party Aligned to this?

Well easy. The technology will be used in the areas most likely to vote for Trump. Since these people will be to scared to exit their houses and vote, the current president will call in the troops, rid the world from the “danger” and hand over the reigns to the president in waiting Hillary Clinton.

Come on Surely this cannot be real!

Unfortunately there is no telling if this scenario is possible.Or even if it is true. But if you find it interesting, then check out the video below for more information.