The beleaguered President of the Republic of South Africa may get fired from his position in the next few days.

Should this occur he would be the second President in a decade to be asked to step down from the largest African economy. The president, although adored by millions, is constantly embodied in a host of new scandals and corruption charges.

In the past two years various attempts from opposition parties to  remove the president has failed. However, a recent “leaked” report from the presidential office implicating Jacob Zuma in fresh corruption charges, might be the proverbial final nail in the coffin.

As an anonymous member of the ANC ruling party said: ” The evidence is so overwhelming and shocking and clear, that President Zuma will find it very difficult to deny a decision from the National Executive to leave office with immediate effect.”

Featured Image: By Copyright World Economic Forum / Eric Miller – Jacob Zuma – World Economic Forum on Africa 2009, CC BY-SA 2.0,