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4 steps to write a non fiction book in 8 hours or less…and sell it on Amazon

Let’s start…the process on how to write a non-fiction book in eight hours or less!   We all want a way to legally print money. Right? I know one way. And that is through content creation and publishing. But not any old content creation and publishing…nope we are talking high quality non-fiction books. The type that change lives for ever. And this long post is just about that. How to quickly create high value content and publish it for profit. Hang on to your proverbial hats….well maybe cellphone screens! But first… I want you to have the opportunity to...

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3 Tells Signs that it is time to change your job

Are you unhappy with your current job? Maybe you are just going through a difficult patch. Then again, maybe it is time to rekindle your passion and find something you love. Below are three sure tell signs that it is time to change your job.   You struggle to wake up. By the tenth time you pressed the snooze button, you must know something is up. Especially if you did not have a late night. Something is keeping you in bed and it is not a hot Scandinavian (male or female).   You constantly Procrastinate. There is nothing wrong...

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