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Threatened by Illuminati: How an App developer got a cease and desist from the New World Order.

An International App development company CLawPublishing got a cease and desist order from the Illuminati for the “unauthorised use” of their logo in the app Guide to the End of The World. A spokesperson from ClawPublishing said that although the App was designed for a customer, they would be ignoring the order and will continue to publish the app as is, in accordance with their arrangement with their customer. The spokesperson also confirmed that the company is taking the order lightheartedly since no further correspondence was received from email. “The message was not received from a valid email address” –  ClawPublishing...

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How the Baal Temples will Open a Dimensional Gateway to Hell

By now you should have heard that “they” are erecting a re-creation of the Temple of Bel (also known as the Temple of Baal) in New York’s Time Square as well as London’s Trafalgar Square as part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Week in April. These two will align with the original 50-foot arch that once stood at the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria, before ISIL destroyed it in late 2015. According to sources, another 1,000 of these arches will be erected in key cities all around the world. The ancient Baal worshippers practiced infant sacrifice and public orgies...

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