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How The United States Will Ban Muslims

So president Trump has made a decision… To Ban Muslim Immigration from a host of countries. The following Video explains it all!                 Stop! Don't let your family starve! Discover the Secret of Unlimited Food During a Food Crisis – while Everyone is Starving to Death…” Click Here for Free...

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How to save your family from Disaster: 3 Immediate Prepping Essentials For All Types of Emergencies

It is pitch dark. The flashlight app on your phone just died. The new Samsung S7 can only last so long.(Under normal circumstances…what a phone!) Outside, you hear a few screams. Shots. You look around nervously, trying to adjust your eyes to the darkness. At least you are seeing some shadowy silhouettes. Another shot echoes from somewhere, splitting the eerie quietness. Was it a gun shot? Who will be shooting? The power and water has only been off for 24 hours after the quake. Maybe it was the McKay kids playing with fireworks again? You nod. Convincing yourself that...

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The New Normandy Invasion by Soldiers of ISIS

For marathon runners, 30 miles is a training run. For historians, it might be a hell of a lot more. For the people in Rouen Normandy….it is a New D-Day. Yes, only 30 miles away from the beaches, where brave Soldiers charged occupied France in 1944, a new tragic event occurred. Two Islamic terrorists entered the Church of the Gambetta and eventually murdered the 84 year old priest. From early reports, the priest tried to defend his congregation, only to end up being forced to his knees, then onto the ground and ultimately having his throat cut. Europe is bleeding  ...

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