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How The United States Will Ban Muslims

So president Trump has made a decision… To Ban Muslim Immigration from a host of countries. The following Video explains it all!                 Stop! Don't let your family starve! Discover the Secret of Unlimited Food During a Food Crisis – while Everyone is Starving to Death…” Click Here for Free...

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Today’s Breaking News! Obama to overturn Trump Victory and declare election unlawful

With less than 10 days until Donald Trump becomes the next United States President, media outlets are going crazy with all their stories. Whether it is False news, True news, or just plain good old news, cyberspace is literally buzzing with information. It makes you wonder what people will do on the 21st of January? Don’t worry, here at BigCuriousOwl, we will continue feeding the moderate minds of the world with the latest on the web. And we are confident that politics will only heat up over the next few months. So, let’s look at today’s headlines   Barack...

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Breaking News: The Democrats and Hillary Clinton are preparing an Alien invasion on election day!

You are about to have sleepless nights Can you remember the white house exploding in the Movie Independence day?     A glorious explosion. The end of the Western World at the hands of aliens. Well, if that image struck your patriotic core then the next segment will give you sleepless nights…. Recently, WikiLeaks and Anonymous dumped various emails of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the DNC for the world to see. Granted very little of these were covered by the mainstream media. Yet the information dump did provide some interesting reading. Anonymous were responsible for the biggest bombshell...

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Breaking News! Hitler is Literally back, alive and well!

We have it on very good authority that the old evil… Yes that old, old nemesis… The swastika yielding, third reich, holocaust monster of old is literally alive and well… Even if it literally cannot physically be possible… But hey…who are we to disagree with social media? Forget about the Hunting Hitler. Or that he maybe did die in a bunker in 1945. History means nothing when it comes to social media. The below video proofs that Adolf Hitler is alive and well….yes...

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Breaking News: Vladimir Putin Declares World War Three

Vladimir Putin is readying Russia for a Third World War. This frightening revelation stems from secret discussions in the Kremlin. Putin is concerned about his hand being forced in various diplomatic stalemates, from the Ukrainian issue to ISIS and refugees. Image Source:By, CC BY 4.0,

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