Dump your debt today in 5 easy steps.

Imagine being debt free. Imagine that you can dump your debt.


Imagine living a life without monthly repayments. Without credit cards. Without sleepless nights.



See, slavery was never totally abolished.

It still lingers in an aggressive marketing ploy.


We are told by cunning marketing experts what we need.

And normally what we “need” is not something we can afford.

Unless we swipe the old credit card.

This process creates debt.



And in the case of many people a lifetime of misery.

Debt is truly the new way of slavery. Granted we choose to get into it. However, the marketing ploy is so cunning most normal middle-class people fall for it.

And that brings us to another truth. The financial world needs two things to make money.

Consumerism (as we already said, the perceived notion to own things we don’t need) and a Middle Class.

They know the hard working people of the globe cannot afford the brand new car, the TV set, the house unless it is borrowed from them against high-interest rates.

Ultimately the cost for that new car is way more than the interest you pay. Financial issues are the number one reason 52% of marriages fail. And debt is the number one reason people have financial issues.

It is a sick paradox.

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And 99% of people fall for it.

However, it was not always the case

In the space of a few generations, people went from a saving society to a borrowing society.

People saved up for a down payment. Or bought an older car cash. People tend to fix what was broken before buying new.

Fast forward a generation or two and this changed.

Like the Queen song said, “We want it all….and we want it now”

Unfortunately (although a great song) the message is wrong. The message might bind you to become a slave.

A debt slave.

Now, I can talk hours about this subject.

But I would rather let you listen to Dave Ramsey.

So if you want to find out how to get out of debt in 5 easy steps then – get comfortable, take away the distractions and hit the play button.

For more information about Dave Ramsey visit his web page https://www.daveramsey.com/