Below are the three main things we have learned in the process and why your business has to be listed on our next app. 


  1. Mobile is the forefront of marketing.


What are you spending your advertising on? Small classified ads? The yellow pages? Buying leads? Your website? Sending out SMS? Or are you only working on referrals?


All of these marketing methods can get you leads and new business. Unfortunately, they are far from being effective, especially in the modern world.


See, people no longer look up.  They miss the billboard next to the road, or the little corex boards advertising a business. Yes, people no longer look up. They look down. Into the palm of their hands.


For many this is an irritation. However, it is a reality. The world has turned mobile, whether we like it or not.


It is estimated that 50 billion phones exist for 7 billion people. People spend more time on their smartphone in a year than watching television.


And, South Africa is no different.


For marketers it is the holy grail. You can walk with your customer 24/7. Be in their living room, bedroom, boardroom, car, lift, shop, school, in fact any place you can think of.


Never in the existence of commerce has there been a more powerful marketing tool. For most South Africans, mobile is the only way to connect to the internet.


Is your business mobile ready? Are you getting the leads your business deserve?



  1. Apps are the ultimate marketing tool


Remember we said there are billions of phones in the world. Now, most of these phones are smartphones.

 And just like humans need food for fuel, so do smartphones need apps to function.


Applications or Apps, drive smartphones.


Easy to install, it provided users with almost every type of niche information they desire.  furthermore, it creates community, leaving the App developer with a fulltime marketing tool.


You can send push notifications to everyone who installed your app. For example, coupons, special deals or just good old customer service. With apps you have GEO targeting, presentations, industry news and a click of the button information centrum.


Apps allow you to build a tribe and then service that tribe over and over. It is the number one industry tool to gather new leads.


Check out and download this free listing app from the play store. It will give you some idea of the endless marketing and sales possibilities an app can provide your business.


Best of all the end user is already educated in how apps work. It is just a matter of getting your business into their space…



  1. You will find yourself behind the curve ball.


Did you know that 2008 industry experts said that if your business were not online (aka had a web presence) that you were behind? In fact, some went as far as saying…


Your business will NEVER catch up…


That was 8 years ago. Yet, many companies still have no web presence. It is scary yes?


But there is some light at the end of the tunnel….


Since most communities now are mobile and most communities skipped the dial-up-desktop era, you have a window of opportunity to stake your claim. You have the opportunity to get into the mobile space and directly onto the forefront marketing around.