We all love our dogs

Today I am going to get real with you.

I love dogs.

I know…there was a movie with the same title many moons ago.

But honestly, I am a dog person. All shapes. All sizes. All personalities.

And of course I own a dog. A good old pavement special. Her name is Jessie. And she is as part of our family like my two boys.

Today, Jessie is living in her golden years. Retired from chasing cats, birds and yellow fuzzy balls.  Most of the time Jessie enjoys a snuggle around the fire place..

She had been the perfect companion for the last 12 years.

Until about three months ago.

Jessie suddenly started barking when we were at work. And I am not meaning a few barks here and there, I mean constantly. See, for about 8 months I worked from home on a new business venture to keep overheads low. Then as demand sparked we needed to employ more people and the one room in my home quickly became to small.

The end result, we moved into an office.

The second end result…Jesse did not like it.

And to make matters worse, we live in a security complex. Yep, many houses in close proximity. Many ears to listen. Many people that cannot stand the constant crescendo of barking.

At first we shrugged it off. Then as more neighbors started to complain we started to worry….really worry.

How can we lose our third “child?”

There was no way!

I needed a solution. The local dog school did not take in dogs older than a few years. I read some books. Even tried taking Jesse to the new office. Of course the landlord and other tenants did not approve.

I get it.

And my heart almost stopped when we got an order from the home owners association to solve the problem or get rid of her in 30 days.

However…EVEN Old dogs Can Learn new Tricks

I searched everywhere. Spoke to the local vet about removing her vocal cords.

That chat lasted about 10 seconds.

I will never do that to my dog.

At the end of the proverbial rope I stumbled upon Doggy Dan’s Online Video Dog Trainer Video Membership. 

Now, like most I scrolled down right to the end of the sales letter to answer that one burning question…what will this cost me…and yes before you roll your eyes…I will pay top dollar for my family members. Still, seeing it was only $37 dollars a month (and at the time of joining they had a small $1 for 3 days trial fee,)  it got my attention.

At least to read further…

See at its core the product offers real advice and training methods for all types of dogs with a mega list of potential issues.

From a world class and world renowned dog trainer.

It even allows you access to a Monthly Newsletter, Group and continuous learning. Of course for me the “ultimate” skeptic a good old money back, cancel anytime guarantee made me hit the join button.

Forget the old and young, naughty or nice…ALL DOGS can benefit from proper world class training

Dan the dog trainer takes anyone interested in teaching and training their dogs on proper systematic training program. And no doggy psychology 101 is not that hard to understand.

The program allows dog training for all types of dogs, condition and levels of understanding. Honestly, I found it extremely informative in order to understand my pet better.

You will learn more than your dog….

The best part of the video training is that learning is done at your pace.

I had to implement immediately.

Okay, granted Jessie did not stop barking at deadline day and we got a bit more time (with the assistance of tearful eyes from my kids) but we were able to implement Dan’s techniques almost instantly.

However my situation was the exception.

So regardless whether time is an issue for you or not, you can implement the training material systematic and at your pace.

Also once you are satisfied with the training you can opt-out any time.

Since Jessie and I are still learning, we are sticking around.

All said and done, if you love the personal touch of a one on one trainer then this might not be the product for you. Also maybe your dog has a deeper psychological problem, so please go through the list of training modules and methods covered before you make a purchase, or after you have spoken to a specialist.

(On a side note the staff from Doggy Dan’s Online Dog training is extremely helpful and I am sure they wont mind answering your questions)

I am sure there are similar products out there, so shop around or take a look at the amazon products below. At the end it is all about learning.

It Cured My Dog and my problem!

I honestly believe this was one of the best investments I have ever made.

I know Jessie is happier.

The neighbors are happier.

Today, Jessie is no longer barking when we leave.

We have zero complaints and she can live the rest of her golden years in relative peace…that is until the kids start to play with her. The bottom line is that we prevented a possible bad scenario with a good program.

If you have a dog, and would love to train them yourself then get a copy of Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer.

There are zero risk. Seriously. But let Dan tell you more…

Click here for the product.

Happy barking…and training…and dogs…and families!