For marathon runners, 30 miles is a training run.

For historians, it might be a hell of a lot more.

For the people in Rouen Normandy….it is a New D-Day.

Yes, only 30 miles away from the beaches, where brave Soldiers charged occupied France in 1944, a new tragic event occurred.

Two Islamic terrorists entered the Church of the Gambetta and eventually murdered the 84 year old priest.

From early reports, the priest tried to defend his congregation, only to end up being forced to his knees, then onto the ground and ultimately having his throat cut.

Europe is bleeding


Yet, the world is not taking action. It is reported that French Security police, previously obtained a “hit-list” of targets which included this church.

Add to it the fact, that both terrorists were known suspects by French police and that one Adel Kermiche was arrested on two occasions for attempting to join ISIS in Syria – and you can be forgiven for rolling your eyes in disbelief.

The Gambetta church massacre came withing two weeks of the Nice attack, not to mention the various attacks in Germany recently. All claimed by soldiers of ISIS.

It is a new D-Day. But it no longer features the heroes who stormed the beaches, laying down their lives in defence of liberty, freedom, and justice.

For long  so long this was the romantic heroism of Hollywood, sculpting award winning movies. Will liberal Hollywood start producing these cruel movies?

There is nothing romantic or liberal about an 84-year-old Priest dying in his own pool of blood.

In 1944 the Allied forces had a clear plan.


Do any of these politicians have a plan now?

With all these attacks the only rhetoric remains empty cliches.

Europe is bleeding.

America is next

None of the established politicians have a clue what to do about it.

And the world is playing Pokemon Go…

The cuts will get deeper.

And few people explain this better than Stefan Moleneux.