With less than 10 days until Donald Trump becomes the next United States President, media outlets are going crazy with all their stories.

Whether it is False news, True news, or just plain good old news, cyberspace is literally buzzing with information.

It makes you wonder what people will do on the 21st of January?

Don’t worry, here at BigCuriousOwl, we will continue feeding the moderate minds of the world with the latest on the web. And we are confident that politics will only heat up over the next few months.

So, let’s look at today’s headlines


Barack Obama with tearful eyes says farewell to the nation


The alt-right would have a field day with this one.

For the lefties it is the end of the world.

The reality is that the first black American president had his final speech and got emotional.

Like him, love him or loath him, people are emotional beings – so maybe give him some slack?

The article from Freshestinfo covers the emotional moment, proclaiming:

President Barack Obama said goodbye and farewell to the nation Tuesday night. Mr. Obama during his speech declared he hasn’t abandoned his vision of progressive ideas of change and issued an emotional defense of his vision.

By the end of his speech his voice was filled with emotion and he was wiping away tears as addressed the crowd as president one last time.

Read the full article here:


BREAKING: Obama Authorizes DHS To Overturn Election


Yes, the heading is very similar to ours (you can shout clickbait), but it does open up the conspiracy can of worms the alt-right has been on about for a while.

Now, we understand that where there is smoke, there is sometimes fire. And in this article USAPoliticsnow does go full length to add fuel.

In a last-ditch effort to declare that Trump was “elected illegally” and block him from taking office, the Obama administration has decreed that elections are now “federalized” for the first time in United States history.

US election systems will now be treated as “critical infrastructure” the Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson announced Friday in a move some are describing as a major federal overreach and an attempt at blocking the Trump presidency by declaring the election “tainted” and “illegal.”

The article is over the top, but does pose a few interesting questions.

You can read it here:


Trump-Hater, John McCain Confirms He Delivered Fake News Report on “Golden Showers” to James Comey


This one is Covered by 24USA.Senator and a previous presidential hopeful John McCain apparently provided Buzzfeed and the FBI with a dossier of sorts in order to directly implicate Trump with the Moscow hackers.

Following the fallout of the reports by CNN and Buzzfeed regarding allegations that Russia attempted to compromise President-elect Donald Trump, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) released a statement confirming that he provided the dossier Buzzfeed published to FBI Director James Comey.

It sounds like good fiction but maybe you should be the judge?

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These are Trump’s Ties to Russia


Of course the “Clinton News Network” is having a field day with the Trump Russia connection.

In a latest report from Neil Black and Curt Devine they are trying to connect the financial ties between the future president and Russia.

President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to have better relations with Russia. He’s repeatedly stuck up for Russian President Vladimir Putin. And after weeks of side-stepping, Trump finally admitted Wednesday that Russia was responsible for hacking ahead of the election. But he denied he has any financial links to the country.

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And finally no, US political news roundup would be complete without a doze of Infowars.

Pretty much the mainstream media giant of the Alt-right, they never disappoint with mixing current event and conspiracy theories.

Tuesday in his farewell address from Chicago, President Barack Obama suggested that to improve upon our democracy, people should consider things from the point of views of other ethnic groups, which he included black and other minorities considering the perspective of the middle-aged white man and white Americans to acknowledge the effects of slavery and Jim Crow didn’t “vanish in the ’60s.”

The report goes in detail, picking out what was nothing more than a statement trying to defuse the current hate climate.

Read it here:

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